• Posted on Thu September 8th 2016
    This series of self inquiry questions delves deeply into the core values we have all constructed and come to invest enormous amounts of belief in regarding who we think we are and how we interact with the world around us. Participants get to objectively re-assess and investigate where these belief systems originated, what gives them personal power, if they are valid and mature, if they are honest, beneficial and positive or actually unhealthy and holding us back from true self realization of our personal goals. This excellent program empowers partisipants to finally see clearly what mental and emotional motivations, constructed through hidden fears, unrealistic aversions, conditioning and childhood wounds, have always been at work "behind the scenes" keeping us from fully achieving our goals in life. The completion of this course results in truly and completely knowing oneself and being finally able to be in control of our own destiny. - Bernard R.
  • Posted on Thu April 21st 2016
    The Mastery program has allowed me to dig deep in self-examination and uncover my personal power to choose, and through choice-making, to start creating in rhythm with the universe. An invaluable program for me to see how powerful intention can be, how deep belief systems can affect my actions, and ultimately how choice can shift everything. - Yoli -