TANDAVA...the cosmic dance.

     Somewhere along the line, I developed an unwavering belief in personal inner power and the capacity for people to actively make themselves and their lives better.

     The inherent belief that people can heal and ultimately become the person they truly want to be, has become deeply ingrained. So many influential experiences have unfolded into directing me to a life of service. Witnessing time and again this transformative process in myself and in others and learning many skills which have allowed  me to arrive at process of  deeper understanding. Through  many years in my side career in television and radio, my highly refined my skills of communication and organization have been included in creating a very interesting hybrid of transformative teaching.


     For several years, in dedicated commitment with the Warren County Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center of New Jersey, I served as a rape victims advocate. That breathtaking observation showed me that that shattered lives can be repaired and terrible wounds can indeed be healed over time. Though not easily achieved,  true possibilities for healing, even in the darkest spaces revealed themselves. Inner strength, honesty, a dedicated support system combined with deep inner work and courage to move through trauma, were the fine distinctions of resolution for those powerfully impacted in their experiences.


     In my years of private practice as a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner and  Holistic Empowerment Coach, clients have come to realize through their commitment to healing and doing the deep inner work necessary, that their unclear belief systems and patterns were holding them back from fully stepping into the lives they were born to live. Tandava was created to capitalize on all of these tools utilized over the years, through fine tuning and simplifying them, creating an easily accessible and affordable tool for anyone desiring transformative change in their lives. This is not therapy. In fact, it is no where near therapy. No person should be exempt due to availability, cost, or personal situation. The programs provided here are of the highest quality and for the purpose of one thing, TRUE personal empowerment for those ready to take such a step.


     Supporting humanity in  healing patterns and belief systems, guiding the achievement of personal goals and teaching individuals and groups to trust their inner strength ,is an intricately combined process which requires clear competency.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Master's Certifications in  Neuro-linguistic Programming, Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis, Concentrated studies in Quantum Theory,Graduate studies in Integral Theory research, Holistic Couching, Professional Executive Coaching and Professional Empowerment Coaching, plus many years of experience in high risk volunteer work have qualified me to take a very broad and deep approach in encouraging individuals to undertake this substantial endeavor successfully for themselves.

This has become my life's work. I am Carrie Lee McClelland, and this...is Tandava.