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NLP Advanced Coaching Mastery Programs 

Our vision is a very simple and compassionate one, based in this simple truth;
All beings have the capacity within themselves to arrive at a level of self understanding and  true self acceptance. Upon that arrival, the capacity for pure empowerment is possible.  No human is exempt from this process, however, due to social status, financial capabilities, enculturation, repression and oppression, the scales have become remarkably unbalanced. The commitment of Tandava and its team, is to support the personal return to the truth within, and to help those develop themselves to their fullest human potential. No one shall be exempt. Action combined with education and clarity can return us to our truest self. Please review our programs and coaching opportunities on our Services page, and feel free to contact me to discuss how this can support your personal growth and development. Our programs are dynamic and specific to what you want to master in your own life. The investment in your self is worth it!